Who We Are

We are Petrax

Our People

Freydoon Khoie

Executive Chairman / CEO

Freydoon Khoie is the founder and chairman of the Board with over forty years of experience in real estate investment, property development, manufacturing, private banking, and the energy sector. An accomplished author. Freydoon spent fifteen years in the United States, his favorite country, plus seven years in Singapore and East Asia, and now twenty-two years in Dubai and much of West Asia and North Africa. A born entrepreneur with extensive contacts in his beloved homeland of Iran, with knowledge and experience in corporate strategy, operations, technology, private equities, and the oil and gas refineries and trading sector.

Alex Root

Board Member / Treasurer

Alex is a born entrepreneur, high achiever and CEO of Petrax Global. He previously spent 10 years in the real estate private equity sector. At the time he was an Executive Director in a Private Wealth Management Group in Hong Kong with an interest in energy trading, and prior to this, Alex spent twelve years in operations and energy technology in New York. Alex is an accomplished jet pilot and holds an MBA in finance with well-established connections in the energy sector.

Vincent Loh

Board Member / VP East Asia

Vincent Loh is the CEO of the Singapore based CPG International. He spearheads CPG’s oversees activities across the globe with a focus on international business and has forged strong client relationships in China, West Asia, India, Sri Lanka, North Asia, ASEAN. As a registered Professional and Chartered Civil Engineer with more than three decades of experience involved in diverse projects from super high-rise towers to complex chemical, micro-electronics, pharmaceutical and complex civil engineering infrastructure projects in Singapore and internationally that included acquisitions and development of real estate assets in Singapore, West Asia, China, and Japan in the opportunistic funds is a great asset to the KFO board. Vincent is also focusing on investment and development opportunities with Asian funds on Countries along the Belt and Road.